He’s also a symbol of classic Vegas, so it’s entirely appropriate that he has a progressive slot machine network named after him.

A slot machine is considered progressive when a portion of the bets placed on it increases its maximum jackpot and other jackpots – but not all of them. The more spins you can squeeze out of your carefully-managed bankroll, the more chance you’ll have to win a progressive jackpot. When the jackpot is won, it is reset to a pre-determined minimum amount called a seed. The rate of the growth of the jackpot varies depending on the type of the progressive slot machine. That means you’re funding the progression of jackpots which you’re not going to win.


Thanks to cyber technology, you can practically play any game that was previously only accessible from a traditional casino, online. Play responsibly. And that only one of those progressive jackpots might be approaching its “must-win-by” amount while the others are not? They are a type of slots which increase the pot continuously, as long as it is not won, which gives it its name. With jackpots that can run into the millions of pounds, it’s not surprise that ‘progressives’ are the most popular type of slot at online casinos.

Two factors determine the amount of reward: popularity and pool type. Your casino loyalty status will not affect your chances of winning. Fortunately for games such as Mega Moolah, every other square can reward you with one of four progressive jackpot prizes. The more spins you pay for, the more money you’ll lose over time, on average. In fact, it probably won’t be the longest post in the world, because playing progressive slots is no harder than playing any other kind of slot machine.

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